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Desert Trail Town Guide UPDATED 11/02/2023, Idaho Boundary Trail Town Guide Updated 9/22/2023 Select From 'Web Sites'

The Desert Trail (DT) Town Guide and the Idaho Boundary Trail (IBT) Town Guide have been Updated as much as we can so the Town guide information is on the Web Sites pulldown. The Trail Journals pulldown either takes you directly to the journals or to a link where you can get them.

The OWBT (Oregon-Washington Boundary Trail) is another hike put together by us but we gave it up after an issue in the south that has to be resolved but mostly I (Yeti) was not enjoying the Oregon Coast Trail at all except the very few times you could hike on the beach which were great. But most of the time we had to hike on Hwy 101 which was awful. Never again for me. If anyone would like to take that hike on and finish it, all the tracks & other information is on the site and your free to download and use it. I would also be willing to lend a hand.