The Beaten Path - Tuesday September 1, 2020

I drove to Yellowstone to meet Barbara in Cooke City. It’s the first time I’ve been there. The drive through the park was glorious; it was early morning and the light lovely. Saw bison and elk. I got to Cooke City early and Barbara had arrived just minutes before me. We decided to drive to Red Lodge for lunch and then head out to East Rosebud. So, we set my car at the Clark’s Fork Trailhead and on to Red Lodge.

Nice drive on the Beartooth Highway with some construction. Windy and steep road with lots of dramatic views. You go up over 10,000 feet in elevation.

Barbara and I ate at Pecorino Cucina in Red Lodge – had gnocci and took half of it to have that evening. The ride out to the trailhead was mostly on gravel road. The East Rosebud valley was gorgeous. Strangely, most of the lake has private houses on it…little public access!

Jerry, Jeff and Cherie were already at the campground. It was very nice and we stayed overnight there, setting ourselves up nicely for an 8am kick-off the next morning.