Spanish Creek Area-097-08-19-17
Started At:
Camp above Pioneer Falls
Spanish Creek Trail Head

We got up at about 6:35am and made coffee. By 7:30, we started down and very soon came to the falls.  Not too much later, we were at the junction with the main trail that we’d started on. It was only a bit over 2 miles back to the car, so Yeti had miscalculated the miles. It had not been 11 miles yesterday, but more like 7.  We met quite a few people coming in, some day hikers others clearly backpacking, including two young guys with monster packs. They had an inflatable boat in the packs – we could see the oars sticking out! Better them than me.  Soon, we were back to the car by 9am. We decided to head home for showers and to the Spotted Horse for breakfast! And, that’s what we did. Yum. Great trip. Next on the agenda will be a loop to Summit Lakes.