Monte Rosa on Monadnock

Today’s scouting trip took me up to Monte Rosa on Monadnock and also to Gap Mountain to check out that trail. I chose the Marlboro Trail approach to Monte Rosa, switching to the Marian Trail and Great Pasture Trail to get up to Monte Rosa. It rained a bit as I got up toward the junction of the Marlboro and Marian Trails, but only a light drizzle, so not bad. By that time, the trail is already rocky and ledge-y. The Marian Trail slabs around the mountain on its western side, a quieter, less traveled section. It heads down and up along the side of the mountain, some scrambling was involved to get to the Great Pasture Trail. This trail goes steeply up through trees until opening out onto the rock ledges leading to Monte Rosa. Nice views from this vantage point of the valleys and of Mt. Monadnock summit.

I came down the same way and raced over to Gap Mountain to scout that trail, which is only a bit over a mile. It is mostly in forest, opening up near the end on clear ledges where a view is afforded of Monadnock to the north.

I headed back to Pilgrim Pines and had dinner in the dining room.