Winthrop, WA

On the way to the PNTA event in Washington, we stopped in Winthrop overnight because I wanted to add it to my 2018 town guide. While far from the trail, it’s a full service town and some hikers have been going there. There is a hostel in town and we stayed in one of the private cabins, which was very nice. The bathrooms are in the main house, but the cabin was very new and had AC (it was very hot). There was a PCT hiker there who we chatted with and drove back to the trail at Rainy Pass the next morning. On the way, we stopped at Mazama, which is a potential hiker re-supply point especially for PCTer’s, but PNT hikers can get off at Harts Pass also to get there or to hitch into Winthrop. Ravensong, a PCT trail angel, has a hiker hostel in Mazama, though she may only be open September and October. I’ll put it in the book also.

Winthrop is accessible as well from the Ross Lake parking lot on Route 20, though it’s a 60 mile hitch. There are plenty of cars on Route 20 so it’s probably not too hard to get a ride. The town has lots of restaurants, a nice coffee place, Rockinghorse Bakery, and two gear shops.