White Dot Trail Monadnock

Deb and I had breakfast at the dining hall and Fancy Free, my AT friend, arrived shortly after. She was coming along as I scouted the summit route up Monadnock. Deb headed out and we headed off to Monadnock State Park HQ to go up the White Dot Trail.

As I remembered, the White Dot was quite challenging. It has a very steep middle section with sloping granite rock ledges to climb up and over. We proceeded rather slowly taking time to check out the views along the way (and to catch our breath). It was a warm and sunny day and we made it to the top in 2 hours – longer than I’d anticipated. Plenty of people were up at the summit and it was breezy and cool. From the top, Monadnock has spectacular 360 degree views all around. Fancy and I think we saw Greylock in the distance and closer by, Pack Monadnock. We dutifully took some photos and off we went down via the White Cross; I wanted to see if it was a better route down for the group.

The White Cross was less steep and had fewer big ledges to clamber down, so it’s a good choice. We also briefly scouted the Parker Trail to where it intersects with the Cliff Walk.

Fancy had to leave when we got back to camp, so I gave her a hug and sent her on her way! All in all a great day.