Monadnock - Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Today’s hike took us to Monte Rosa. Weather was cool and overcast, but dry. Most of us went up the Halfway House Trail and a few others took the old Toll Road; the group met where the trail comes out on the road by a private house. Soon we were at the Half Way House site, a former hotel that burned down in the 1950s.

From the Half Way House area, we joined the Monte Rosa Trail, which was a narrower trail through woods. It got rockier and a bit ledge-y as we climbed. The weather cooperated and stayed dry and we were able to have views up by Monte Rosa’s signature weather vane! The group had lunch on top as we took in the 360-degree views, including the summit.

I then took seven hikers over to the Tooth and the Amphitheatre Trail and Black Precipice, two interesting features on the mountain. We met the White Arrow Trail which took us down to the Toll Road. The others went down via Fairy Springs Trail, White Arrow and back to the Toll Road.

After another fabulous dinner at Pilgrim Pines, the hikers’ group enjoyed a wonderful presentation by Steve Hooper of a film trailer about Mt. Monadnock. What a story he told about how the creators of the film worked to raised funds and produce this interesting documentary. I hope that Public Television broadcasts it. The film is nearing completion – an almost ten-year quest. A great end to a successful day.

Weather looking a bit iffy for tomorrow – fingers crossed.