Monadnock June 3, 2019

Weather looked great: it was a sunny day, though quite cool. The day began with a 30-minute tai-chi session followed by a hearty breakfast in the Mayflower Lodge. The weather report was a bit dicey for Wednesday and Thursday and I had to decide whether to move the summit hike to Tuesday. In the end, I did move it just in case.

Our first event on Monday was a local walk up to Sky Top, passing the local beaver pond. It’s a pleasant walk up Christian Hill Road to an overlook on private land. For the first time, it appeared there were people in residence. We checked out the view, took photos, and went back down. Dotty had offered to let us go see the view from her floating dock, so we did.

She was there and she gave us a tour of her cute 1920s cottage. Dotty is apparently quite the artist: she showed us some amazing rugs she made! Her family also has a small Sears catalog “house” on the property.

Lunch was in the dining room and after lunch, we headed over to Gap Mountain. Gap Mountain is a lovely, moderate woodsy walk with about 700-800 feet of elevation gain. It’s part of the Metacomet-Monadnock Trail, a 160-mile trail beginning in Connecticut and ending on Mt. Monadnock. The group did well, and we got to the open North Summit with sunny skies and a view of Monadnock.

Another great dinner and a presentation about local and mountain history by historian Allan Rumrill. There are so many legends and interesting facts about Monadnock.