Monadnock Fall 2019 - Friday October 04 2019

As usual, all good things must end. We began with yoga, breakfast, and for those that chose to stay around, we walked up to Sky Top for a terrific view of the lake and Monadnock.  It’s an easy walk up Christian Hill Road and onto a private drive. Pilgrim Pines has permission to take the group up there. Only once have I ever seen anyone in residence.  Four hikers came along and were wowed by the view – it was nice and sunny, and the leaves sparkled with yesterday’s rain drops.

Goodbye’s were exchanged and we all headed home. Yeti and I were off to Boston to visit my college pal, Lalla, and then back to Montana on Saturday. Thanks to the Pilgrim Pines staff for making us all feel welcome and cared for. Great trip and great memories.