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It was a very nice hike out: cool morning. I made some coffee before we left camp…another thing we don’t usually do. Our general style is pack up and get going!

Yeti had studied the map on our phones (Backcountry Navigator) and we’d used paper maps also to find woods roads that would go around the terrible bushwhack. We did not want to do that again. The early morning quiet made for a pleasant walk out. Got feet wet at the stream crossing….that’s where we picked up the road route.

We got back to town really early, about 9:30am. To top things off, our car’s battery had died (during the accident some interior lights had popped on and we’d both forgotten them) so we got a jump from Miki at the motel. Got some comfort food (a huckleberry milkshake) at the Pantry and off we went home.

The hood was tied down with bungees and part of my bear rope!  It was kind of a tense ride back. We’d just stopped at a gas station not too far from Missoula, when the engine overheating light came on.  We drove back and got some coolant- even though it did not seem very low. That worked for a while, but the light came on again as we approached Interstate 90. Luckily, we made it to the highway, limped into the truck stop, and called AAA to haul us home. We’d had enough … and blowing the engine would have been the limit.

Lucky for us, the wait was not too bad and the wrecker came within the hour. We traveled in the cabin with the driver and he had us home by about 4pm. Glad to be home. The car is in the garage. We’ll call our insurance company to haul it to the collision place in the morning. I’m bushed and I think still a bit in shock from the whole episode. I’d never been in a car accident before.