Gallatin Crest Trail 2018
Started At:
Tom Miner Basin
Rams Horn Lake
Todays Miles:

Thursday, Aug 30

4.5 miles Tom Miner Basin Campground to Rams Horn Lake

After spending the night at the Baker’s and a nice leisurely breakfast, we headed up to the Tom Miner Campground to get the trail. Fred and Julianne drove us up there.  Due to the Bacon Rind fire, the GCT part in Yellowstone was closed, hence our starting point in Tom Miner. It was a steepish climb through a lovely “basin” or canyon passing by the interpretive trail at the Petrified Forest. No wildlife sightings except for B-Bar cattle! It sprinkled on us off and on throughout the afternoon, though the sun would come out in between the clouds.

We reached the top after about 2 miles and had a break. At that spot, we turned off onto the trail towards Rams Horn Peak, shortly forking left on a path that began to go downhill. It was mostly through trees leading after a couple of miles to Rams Horn Lake where we set up camp. We played cribbage for a bit, cooked dinner, went for a walk up the hill, and over to the other side of the lake. Later, a couple came by for water; they camped at the first campsite – we’d considered that one but came along further closer to the trail heading north.

The lake is a bit dark by late afternoon at this time of year. Rams Horn peak looms up over the water – quite a dramatic setting.  We got into our tents early – before 8pm and then vroom! A few motorbikes roared up to the lake, stayed a while making some noise, and then roared off! Just enough to break the peace.