Gallatin Crest Trail 2018
Started At:
Crater Lake
Hyalite at junction of Hood Creek & Upper Wild Horse Trail
Todays Miles:

Sunday, Sep 2

14.6 mi to beyond Hyalite Reservoir, junction of Hood Ck. & Upper Wildhorse Trails

Today, we got out even earlier – just enough light to see at 6am to pack up. Out by 6:30am. It’s a real steep climb of 500 feet just out of camp. Then, over a mile or two on narrow, even knife-edge ridges with steep ups and downs. Be careful on the gravelly downhills! It was very windy, so again we had on all layers until later in the a.m. where we de-layered. After several more challenging ridges we were back in the shade and didn’t suit up. We regretted this, as the wind picked up as we slabbed over to Hyalite saddle. Finally, near the top, I stopped to call Lauran to give her a heads up that we were on schedule for the next day’s pick up, we both put our jackets back on.  Great view up here all around, including Hyalite Lake down below in front of us. That’s our direction.

It’s a very steep downhill off the saddle for a short while into Hyalite canyon. Once we got down and we found some flattish rock, we finally stopped to make coffee. Now we started to see people all the way down to the trail-head. We pass over ten waterfalls, some really beautiful. My favorite was Chasm Falls; it drops down into a narrow rocky chasm as it flows downhill.

Some motorbikes break the peace and Yeti took a photo of them. They were most likely illegal; and we think we were right once we got down and checked out the trail sign. We had lunch here and then off we went along the road, past the reservoir, and then off right on Hood Creek Trail. When we got to a creek by the trail junction with Upper Wildhorse, we stopped. We cowboy camped, not setting up tents, and had a nice night under the stars.