Gallatin Crest Trail 2018
Started At:
Windy Pass Cabin
Crater Lake
Todays Miles:

Saturday, Sep 1st

11.7 mi to Crater Lake

Yogesh and his friend left really early at around 4am, before our 6:30 start. It was a steep climb back up to the crest, but then it moderated. Went to the top of the Sentinel and had to bushwhack back down to the path, as it skirts around the peak. Again, wind kept the morning quite cool. We saw many hunters, including a group on horseback.  Yeti and I managed to find a spot out of the wind and we stopped and made coffee. A nice sunny day today, but we were layered up until the lunch break.

This day was the toughest, with lots of ups and downs. But it is probably the most spectacular in terms of terrain. Unbelievable views of the mountains, including Big Sky and Lone Mt. Very rugged, long stretches of slabbing along the sides of grassy or rocky mountains, and a steep down to a meadow area just before a short and steep climb to Crater Lake. Crater Lake is a snow melt only water source, so best to stop at the small spring just before you do the final climb – watch for the spring on the left.  The lake was really low. We camped in among the trees and had quite a nice sleep here. Yeti was exhausted, but I encouraged him to cook. We fell into our bags right after dinner – no cribbage this night.