Gallatin Crest Trail 2018
Started At:
Rams Horn Lake
Windy Pass
Todays Miles:

Friday, Aug 31

9.5 miles to Windy Pass

On the trail by 6:45am and heading up!  Partly sunny, partly cloudy day today, which means a cool morning. We are all bundled up leaving camp. After about one quarter mile over the meadow, we cross a small stream and go steeply up in the direction of Fortress Mountain. The trail is eroded terribly in parts because of the motorbikes. There are really strange shaped conglomerate boulders all over – and Fortress Mt. is also dramatically shaped. We stop for our “breakfast coffee” just before topping the saddle. No goats this time – I’d seen a herd here in 2015.

Downhill a bit and then up and down and over rocky and narrow ridges. It was very windy up on the crest, but great views. For the last few miles to Windy Pass, the trail moderates over grassy mountain. As we approach the pass and trail junction, we can see the cabin in the distance. Two hunters have the cabin and lo and behold, one of them is Yogesh Simpson, a musician Yeti has recorded. I’d not recognized him in his hunter camo. We camped in the trees a few hundred yards from the cabin – just where Julianne, Bob and I had in 2015. We also learned that there was a piped spring just behind the cabin.

Played a bit of cribbage, ate supper, and hit the hay fairly early again. A good night here; comfy camp.