Cirque of the Towers: Back to Big Sandy Lake Campground
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Big Sandy Lake Campground

At 4:30am two climbers (I’m guessing) came by with headlamps! They start early…must have camped at Big Sandy Lake. And just at about 5am, lightning and a bit of thunder made me very nervous. It was the kind of lightning that just lights up the sky – not bolts. It passed soon, but not before it sprinkled a bit – great, a previous breeze had dried the tent and now it would be wet again. Luckily, as we got up the breeze started again and the tents were mostly dry by the time we packed up.

Usually, we pack up and head out, but in our more leisurely hiking style for this trip – I made morning coffee before we began our trek back out. It was a cool morning, clear and a great start to the day. When we got to the snow field, we put micro-spikes on right away. The snow was a bit more consolidated, but you could have gotten over without traction. I was happy to have the micro-spikes on though, made it feel more secure. A fall wouldn’t have killed me, but it would have been nerve-wracking and a fast ride down the hill!

It was a lovely hike out that early. I always enjoy the early part of the morning. It’s cool, few people, and the light is great. I took lots of pictures on this trip. It sure was easier going down!  As we were going out along the lake, Yeti commented that he was very tired and would probably feel it next day. I was tired too. We got back at about noon and headed back to Pinedale. We stopped there for lunch and called ahead to a motel in Driggs to book a room for the night, so we could break the trip home up a bit.

We arrived in Driggs, ID and got settled in, took showers, rested a bit. I went for pizza later for supper (Yeti had kept some of his lunch and ate in the room.) and then came back and read for a while.  Slept well that night! I was exhausted and so was Yeti. All in all, a great trip.

Tomorrow, we’d be home within 3 ½ hours and still have most of the day to unpack and relax. We were both happy that the trip went so well. I’ll go back to the Winds anytime in a shot! And to Big Sandy Lodge!