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It was snowing when we got up and it snowed all day, though the accumulation was not that much – a few inches. It was a light snow, but pretty and a white Christmas. Yeti and I spent a quiet day. After a small breakfast, we did presents – more stuff than we usually do. Yeti’s main gift was a new avalanche transceiver, so I got him a bunch of small things like ski-scrapers, a calendar, a small water bottle for hiking, bon-bons and a copy of O magazine – a joke, as he is always saying he aspires to sit on the couch, eat bon-bons, and watch Oprah. He gave me new slippers (shearling lined), Thymes Limited lavender bath wash, shea butter hand cream, and also avalanche gear.

Then I got busy cooking: lamb roast, Yorkshire Pudding (a first for me), green beans, salad and dessert. We also had a nice Cabernet to go along with the meal. Dessert was easy, courtesy of left-over pumpkin pie from Thanksgiving, which I had frozen. Salted-caramel gelato accompanied the pie.

I had decorated the house with greens and the table looked lovely with a centerpiece of balsam and white pine boughs, candles, flowers, and Yeti’s St. Nick collection. The tree was a local one – a Douglas Fir, though I did not go out to cut it. It is more old-fashioned with lots of space between the branches, so that decorations can hang down…a very sweet tree if I do say so.

After eating the delicious meal, we went for a walk in the snow around the neighborhood over to the pond. Now, relaxing and listening to Christmas music….the holiday goes too fast.