About Our Books

Check out these essential hiker guide’s for treks on the Pacific Northwest Trail (PNT) and the Idaho Boundary Trail (IBT), a hiker created route of 2,500 rugged miles circumnavigating the state of Idaho. Authored by seasoned thru-hikers, the guides will help hikers as they plan their trips and be critical on trail and in towns for easy re-supply. The Idaho Boundary Trail Hiker’s Guide provides an overview of this newly created route which was pieced together with existing trails, forest service roads, roads, and bushwhacks. The town guides offer critical information about resources in towns such as lodging, restaurants, grocery stores, outfitters and town maps to facilitate the town experience. While the books were written initially with long-distance hikers in mind, car touring visitors will also find them useful as they explore these out of the way places in the Pacific Northwest.

All of the books are available for purchase on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions. The Pacific Northwest Trail Town Guide is a great companion to Tim Youngbluth’s Pacific Northwest Trail Digest and Pacific Northwest Trail Data Book.

Jim “Yeti” Fulmis, Thru-hiker and co-creator of the IBT
Mike O’Brien, Thru-hiker and co-creator of the IBT
Melanie Simmerman, Triple Crown Thru-hiker