The "Hikers Express" on the IBT

On the Idaho Boundary Trail when you arrive in Oakley, Idaho for resupply, at Clark’s Market the owner Arlo Clark who is a very friendly guy has a friend named Van Woodward who owns the Woodward’s Country Store in Weston, Idaho which is the next stop where you can get food and ICE CREAM! In 2012 Mike O’Brien met Arlo and he asked Mike if he would take a note to Van. Of course Mike did and Van really was really surprised and had a good laugh. I knew about that so in 2013 I asked Arlo if he wanted me to take a note to Van for him again. So I did. The Mike did again in 2014 and Melanie and I did again in 2015. We are now called the “Hikers Express”. It’s good for a laugh and a free ICE CREAM Bar! Now it’s a tradition.