Yeti & Melanie's PNT Town Guide Information

PNTA has good downloadable maps plus the Avenza maps. I (Yeti) installed Avenza & downloaded all their maps. They are really good. I was just informed recently the PNTA isn't going to make GPX tracks available after all which is a real blow to those of us who updated all the tracks over the years. I have a couple of trail section updates they don't have.

New information from the PNTA as of  7/6/2017:
Main PNTA Site
PNTA Maps including Avenza maps for Avenza App
PNT Trail Alerts
Link to make comments or for sending updates

Links to Latest Books:
Tim Youngbluth's PNT Digest
Tim Youngbluth's PNT Data Book
Melanie Simmerman's PNT Town Guide 2019 Version is now out